Free Trainings for MCIL’s DSPs!

MCIL’s Personal Assistant Services Program has prepared new professional development trainings for DSPs. These trainings, listed below, are optional trainings that staff may sign up to attend. All DSPs who attend a training, in addition to improving their direct support skills and completing marketable training, will receive a $20 Target gift card from MCIL as a thank you for showing commitment to their professional development. In addition to this gift card, DSPs will earn points for all trainings attended. At the end of September 2013 MCIL will give away a total for four $200 gift cards. These gift cards will go to the four DSPs who have earned the most training points.

Many of our trainings are useful and interesting to both DSPs and consumers. We encourage consumers to sign up and attend any training they are interested in attending.


If there are any trainings that you are interested in attending please leave a message with Sarah Murphy @ 651.788.8424 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please indicate which training you are interested in attending.  If there are other trainings that you would like to see offered by MCIL please call or email in your suggestions.


Advocate for yourself                                                                                                       April 2, 2013 2p-3:30p

Presented by Corbett Laubignat

In this training, participants will learn to advocate for their rights as a person with a disability, a direct support professional or an ally of the disability community. Corbett will discuss various ways people can take action and voice their opinions on legislative decisions and debates that directly affect them.

This training is available for call-in or via webinar. You will not receive a gift card for attending the training from afar but will receive training points for your efforts. Please contact Sarah ahead of time if you are planning to call, login or attend in person.


Transfer Training                                                                                May 2, 2013 11:30am – 1pm

Presented by John Stack

Transferring individuals safely is important. When transferring there are two people you need to lookout for: the person you’re transferring and yourself. John is an instructor on safe lifts and transfers in addition to his role as manager at the Acute Rehabilitation Services at Allina Hospital/Sister Kenny Institute. We are excited to have such a skilled trainer come in and provide direction in this important area of personal care. Please consider joining us if you are currently providing transfer assistance to someone or may in the future.



What should employees and job seekers know about the ADA?

Presented by Cindy Tarshish June 3, 2012 10am-12 noon

Do you have a disability and want to know your rights as an employee? Do you know your employers’ responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act? Does your consumer suspect they may have been discriminated against by an employer but are unsure what actions they can take? Do you have an ADA question you are hesitant to ask or do not know how to ask? If so, this session is for you!

This session will cover the following topics while providing a concise overview of Title I: Myths and fears, cost factors, disability definition, interview and application questions, essential job functions, disability disclosure, reasonable accommodation process, undue hardship, safety factors, and resources. This fact filled, fast-paced session includes real life examples and questions are encouraged.




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