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Time Sheet

Homemaking Time Sheet


Due to the July 01, 2009 legislative Changes and additional fraud management measures by DHS, the PAS program has had to change its timesheet template to reflect the new 16 hour per day and/or mandated 275 hours per month hour cap for all DSPs, regardless of the number of agencies they are employed by. As a result of this new State-wide enforcement, we had to include an acknowledgement and signature statement to our timesheet.

In addition to the 16/275 caps, a few additional changes were made to the template to clearly illustrate our existing call to confirm receipt of fax policy, as well as reminding DSPs and consumers that they cannot bill for services if the consumer is hospitalized or has moved out of State. DSPs must initial the supports, if they do not- the time sheet will be mailed back and delay processing and payment.


If you fax in your timesheets– You will continue to fax them to: 651.603.2036 or 2039

If you email your timesheets:

PLEASE NOTE THE NEW EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Accepting Applications...see below for the link to the application!

Vision Statement:

The Dreams to Realities Tuition Assistance Grant has been established to help Direct Support Staff that are currently employed by MCIL increase educational and professional developmental opportunities within the Health and Human Services fields. The PAS program funds this grant-giving venture through funds captured from the fee-for service revenue. These dollars have been set-aside to promote higher education and advanced career opportunities for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).

MCIL is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Applicants that are the first in their family to seek out and attain a college degree, non-traditional students returning to college, single-parents, parents with a child who has a disability, applicants that were raised by a single parent, extended family and/or foster family are strongly encouraged to apply.

Click below to view the application and review the terms and conditions.
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