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The legality of the resent MN state provision, cutting family member wages by 20% was challenged on Oct 26th, 2011.   This new provision cutting family members who provide direct personal support, went into effect on October 1, 2011. Those impacted by the cuts started connecting through advocacy organizations and teamed up with a group of five providers.  Together they put together a lawsuit challenging the legality of this new provision, claiming that it was discriminatiory. On October 26, 2011 a Ramsey County Judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order against the 20% reduction, preventing the state from implementing the cut until further notice.

If you are an individual who has been seriously impacted by the cut and are interested in testifying in conjunction with the lawsuit filed, please contact Anni Simons at 651.523.0823, ext 112 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Serious impact means that you would need to move to a more institutional setting or are losing a key family caregiver.

In April, the MN Department of Human Services (DHS) is implementing some changes into the way personal care assistant services are delivered.  The changes are affecting DHS administration of the services, the delivery of the services by organizations like MCIL, and the way individual consumers manage their PCA services.


Shortly, DHS will introduce a new service model for PAS entitled CFSS, or Community First Services and Supports.  There will be two service models available for consumers to choose from; The Budget Model or the Agency Model. 

The"Agency Model" provider will offer some sort of self-directed support in addition to payroll services.  The provider will be offering extra value for clients and professionals.  So, providers could offer recruiting, screening, emergency backup, shift-to-shift management, evaluation, etc. in addition to payroll services. 

The “Budget Model” provider will offer only payroll services, and nothing else.  The consumer will be solely responsible for hiring and managing staff, providing for emergency back-ups, evaluations, etc.   

In order to maximize the independence of MCIL customers, MCIL has elected to continue to operate as an “Agency Model”, and will provide the services as explained below.


Payroll Services:  There will be no change in how MCIL accepts and processes timesheets from the DSP.

On Call List:  MCIL will provide customers a list of DSPs who have requested to be placed on the list for extra shifts, or who have expressed an interest in generating more hours.  This On Call list will be reviewed and updated monthly, and updated copies will be disseminated to consumers as requested.  Customers may use this On Call list to fill vacancies in their schedule in the event that DSPs call off sick, or for some other reason cannot fill their shift.  Please note that the DSPs on the list may not be able to accept the shifts offered.

DSPs who have requested to be listed as seeking additional hours to work, have been informed they must return all calls within 24 hours.  While we will be updated the list, if you do not receive calls back, or if you come across a number that is not working, please let either Oscar or Kat know, and we will update the list on line.

To access the list on line, please click on the search box and type in “staff list”.  A link to the PDF file will be shown.  If you would like a list mailed to you, please contact either Oscar or Kat via phone or e-mail. 

Recruitment:  MCIL will continue to assist customers in their recruitment of DSPs by helping in the placement of ads to generate applicants.  MCIL will also continue to provide minimal screening of applicants.   However, as it is now, it will be the primary responsibility of the customer to take a very active role in recruitment of their DSP staff.  MCIL encourages all consumers to place their own ads, and recruit their own staff asd well.

Employment:  MCIL will continue its role as “employer of record” of the DSPs.  The customer will be expected to manage their day-t0-day care as you currently do.  MCIL will continue its role by ensuring liability insurance, the collection and payment of applicable payroll and other taxes, and unemployment insurance.


Please note that it still takes a minimum of 45 days for MN DHS to process individual provider numbers for new DSP hires.  MCIL shares your frustration with this situation, and we have communicated our frustrated regularly to staff at DHS and to members of the Minnesota Legislature.  We have no control over this phenomenon, and urge you share your frustrations directly with the MN DHS Help Desk, or by communicating with your elected officials.

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